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Food Grade Lubricants

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Food Grade CRC Inox Kleen 500ml Food Lubricant

Price: 640 INR/Piece

powerful foaming degreaser,

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Food Grade CRC Dry Lube - 400ml Lubricant

Price: 1065 INR/Bottle

Non-sticky and dry lubricant has the ability to bear temperature up to +250 oC

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Food Grade 400ml CRC Chain Lube FPS Lubricant

Price: 1700 INR/Piece

CRC Chain Lube that put forward by us is a heavy lubrication oil, ideally suitable for driving as well as transport chains

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Food Grade 400ml CRC Extreme Lubricant

Price: 650 INR/Piece

CRC Extreme Lube that procured from our constant yet trustworthy vendors is a high pressure lubricant

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FOOD Grade 5ltr CRC Sugar Dissolving Fluid

Price: 2130 INR/Piece

Sugar Dissolving Fluid is what helps in dissolving and removing sugar, derivative, fondant and other allied contents

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Food Grade NSF 50ml Loctite 565 Thread Locker

Price: 1080 INR/Piece

LOCTITE 565 is a white to off-white

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Food Grade 500ml CRC 3-36 Light Lubricating Oil

Price: 710 INR/Bottle

Formulated for preventing degradation of machine parts & components

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Food Grade Hi Temp 400ml Food Grease

Price: 5250 INR/Bottle

High temperature synthetic bearing grease for food processing equipment.

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Food Grade CRC 400 ml EP Food Grease

Price: 2600 INR/Piece

Food Grade CRC Synthetic bearing grease for food processing equipment.

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Food Grade CRC 500ml Assembly Paste Anti Seize

Price: 970 INR/Piece

Anti-seize compound for lubrication of bushes, sliding surfaces and small open gears.

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Food Grade LOCTITE 2046 - 14ml Thread Locker

Price: 5046 INR/Piece

product cures anaerobically when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces and also cures outside the bondline

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Food Grade CRC Pen Oil -400ml penetrating oil

Price: 710 INR/Bottle

Best penetrating lubrication agents due to its outstanding thermal resistance, excellent lubrication

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Food Grade CRC Multi Oil - 500ml Lubricant

Price: 640 INR/Bottle

Food Processing Safe, light multipurpose oil for general use.

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Food Grade CRC Silicone 400ml Lubricant

Price: 515 INR/Piece

Synthetic lubrication is ideally suitable to be utilized for polymer

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CRC Belt Grip Lube - 500ml Lubricant

Price: 1350 INR/Bottle
  • Use:Lubrication
  • Type:chemical
  • Smell:yes
  • Color:multiple color available
  • Application:Industrial
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Day
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Food Grade CRC Eco 500ml Leak Finder

Price: 1760 INR/Bottle
  • Delivery Time:12 Months
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Day
  • Smell:yes
  • Type:chemical
  • Use:Lubrication
  • Application:Industrial
  • Color:multiple color available
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Food Grade Molykote Food Grade Lubricant

Price: 2115 INR/Bottle

Multi purpose mineral oil spray for food processing equipment