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Food Grade Threadlockers

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Food Grade NSF Loctite Threadlocker 243 50ml

Price: 880 INR/Bottle

Food Grade LOCTITE 243 is a general purpose threadlocker that provides a medium strength bond. LOCTITE 243 works on all metals, including passive substrates such as stainless steel, aluminium and plated surfaces.

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Madurai Food Grade NSF Loctite 263 Threadlocker

Price: 710 INR/Bottle

Food Grade NSF Loctite 263 Thread Locker Dual cure, acrylic dimethacrylate organic compound fluorescent threadlocker designed for the permanent protection and waterproofing of rib fasteners.

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Trichy Food Grade NSF Loctite 567 High Temperature Thread Sealant

Price: 955.00 - 1050.00 INR/Bottle

LOCTITE 567 is an off-white, UL approved, low disassembly strength methacrylate thread sealant, ideal for sealing coarse threads up to M80/R3.

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Chennai Food Grade NSF Loctite Retaining Compound

Price: 1660 INR/Bottle

Loctite NSF 680 High strength, methacrylate ester acrylic liquid designed for the bonding of cylindrical fitting parts, particularly where low viscosity is required.

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Kerala Kannur Food Grade NSF Loctite 577 Thread Sealant

Price: 676 INR/Bottle

Food Grade Loctite 577 Medium-strength, general purpose thread sealant for straight/straight and straight/taper threads and fittings. Fills the space between threaded parts and seals and locks at the same time.

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Kochi Food Grade NSF Loctite 648 Retaining Compound

Price: 940 INR/Bottle

Food Grade NSF LOCTITE 648 is a low viscosity, high strength retaining compound with high temperature resistance. Ideal for retention of parts with a clearance or interference fit.

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Kozhikode Food Grade NSF Loctite 638 High Strength Retaining Compound

Price: 711 INR/Bottle

Food Grade NSF LOCTITE 638 is a high strength, fast curing, general purpose retaining compound.

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Thanjavur Food Grade NSF Loctite 5331 Thread Sealant

Price: 1534 INR/Bottle

Food Grade NSF Approved Loctite 5331 Thread Sealant - low strength. Ideal for use on threaded plastic or plastic/metal fittings carrying hot or cold water.

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Thrissur Food Grade NSF Loctite 603 Retaining Compound

Price: 990 INR/Bottle

Food Grade NSF Approved Loctite 603 Retaining Compound - high strength. Ideal for bearings. For use on close-fitting cylindrical parts. High oil tolerance.

Product Image (FG0017)

Palakkad Food Grade NSF 50ml 330 Loctite Structural Adhesive

Price: 1 INR/Bottle

LOCTITE AA 330 is a pale-yellow, general purpose structural bonder that is ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates like PVC, phenolic and acrylic compounds.

Product Image (FG0012)

Karur Food Grade NSF 401 Loctite Instant Adhesive

Price: 250 INR/Bottle

LOCTITE 401 is a general purpose, fast curing, instant adhesive that is ideal for use on porous substrates

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Vellore Food Grade NSF 20grm 454 Loctite Instant Adhesive

Price: 1120 INR/Bottle

Food Grade LOCTITE 454 is a general purpose, non-drip gel, instant adhesive that is ideal for vertical surfaces and overhead applications.

Product Image (FG0020)

Alappuzha FoodAlappuzha Grade Chemical NSF 50ml 270 Loctite Threadlocker

Price: 710 INR/Bottle

Food Grade LOCTITE 270 could be a high-strength threadlocker for max efficaciousness within the securing and waterproofing of bolts, bonkers and studs to stop loosening thanks to vibration.

Product Image (FG0025)

Karnataka Hubli Food Grade Loctite 242 Threadlocker

Price: 740 INR/Bottle

Medium strength, medium consistence thixotropic threadlocking adhesive for metal thread sizes up to M36.

Product Image (FG0019)

Kollam Food Grade Loctite 587 Blue RTV Silicone Gasket Maker Sealant

Price: 2329 INR/Bottle

LOCTITE SI 587 could be a bronze blue, thixotropic organic compound silicone polymer paste

Product Image (FG0023)

Mangaluru Food Grade Loctite 262 Threadlocker

Price: 750 INR/Bottle

Medium/high strength, thixotropic methacrylate-based thread locking Adhesive

Product Image (FG0032)

Dharwad Food Grade NSF 50ml Loctite 290 Thread Locker

Price: 710 INR/Bottle

LOCTITE 290 is designed for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners

Product Image (FG0031)

Tumakuru Food Grade NSF Loctite 480 - 50ml Thread locker

Price: 1385 INR/Bottle

Food Grade Loctite 480 Threadlocker (50ml) - NSF in Coimbatore.

Product Image (FG0018)

Kottayam Food Grade NSF 50ml Loctite 222 Thread Locker

Price: 710 INR/Bottle

NSF Certified Thread Locker

Product Image (FG0030)

Vijayapura Food Grade NSF 50ml Loctite 243 Threadlocker

Price: 710 INR/Bottle

Thread Locker with NSF Certified