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Food Grade Lubricants

Product Image (FG0041)

Kadapa Food Grade NSF Loctite LB 8014 Lubricants

Price: 9886 INR/Bottle

Food Grade NSF Loctite LB 8014 White, metal-free, food grade lubricant and anti-seize made from white oil and extreme pressure (EP) additives. H1 NSF Reg. No: 123004.

Product Image (FG0046)

Karimnagar Food Grade NSF Loctite LB 8001 Lubricant

Price: 1 INR/Bottle

Food Grade NSF Loctite LB 8001 Lubricant colorless, multi-purpose, lubricating mineral oil spray that penetrates inaccessible micro-mechanisms. Food, pharmaceutical and textiles safe.

Product Image (FG0045)

Hyderabad Food Grade NSF Loctite LB 8021 Silicon Oil Lubricant

Price: 1 INR/Bottle

Food Grade NSF Loctite LB 8021 Lubricant - silicone oil Lubricant - silicone oil. For use on metal and non-metal surfaces. Suitable as release agent.

Product Image (FG0071)

Navi Mumbai Food Grade WD 40 Specialist High Performance Silicone Lubricants

Price: 1200 INR/Bottle

High Performance silicone polymer material spray that is nice to be used on aggressive instrumentation

Product Image (67)

Brahmapur Odisha Food Grade WD 40 Specialist High Performance PTFE Lubricants

Price: 1 INR/Bottle

High Performance PTFE Lubricant can be used for a range of applications

Product Image (FG0070)

Solapur Food Grade Loctite Viber Lube High Performance Synthetic Grease

Price: 1650 INR/Bottle

Quick Drying Contact Cleaner may be a non semi conductive spray

Product Image (FG0067)

Aurangabad Food Grade WD 40 3 In One Professional Silicone Spray Lubricants

Price: 1450 INR/Bottle

3-IN-ONE skilled siloxane Spray stuff provides superior lubrication

Product Image (FG0068)

Kolhapur Food Grade Clear 16 Can ODC-Free Cleaner and Degreaser

Price: 2250 INR/Bottle

Non-aqueous, for improvement surfaces to be secure with adhesives

Product Image (FG0072)

Maharashtra Panvel Food Grade Loctite Anti Seize

Price: 1 INR/Bottle

White, metal-free, food grade lubricator and anti-seize made up of white oil and extreme pressure (EP) additives.

Product Image (FG0040)

Nellore Food Grade MOLYKOTE P-1900 FM Anti-Seize Paste Lubricant

Price: 1 INR/Bottle

Lubrication of mechanical elements in food & potable process instrumentality

Product Image (FG0073)

Nanded Food Grade Molykote 557 Silicone Dry Film Lubricant

Price: 3200 INR/Bottle

Dow MOLYKOTE 557 polymer Dry Film lubricating substance Clear is associate degree air solidification

Product Image (FG0077)

Maharashtra Akola Food Grade LOCTITE 2046 14ml Threadlocker

Price: 5046 INR/Piece

product cures anaerobically when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces and also cures outside the bondline

Product Image (FG0075)

Latur Food Grade Molykote Food Grade Lubricant

Price: 2115 INR/Bottle

Multi purpose mineral oil spray for food processing equipment

Product Image (FG0061)

Dhenkanal Food Grade NSF 50ml Loctite 565 Thread Locker Sealant

Price: 1080 INR/Piece

LOCTITE 565 is a white to off-white

Product Image (FG0060)

Bhadrak Food Grade 500ml CRC 3-36 Light Lubricating Oil

Price: 710 INR/Bottle

Formulated for preventing degradation of machine parts & components

Product Image (02)

Food Grade 400ml CRC Chain Lube FPS Lubricant

Price: 1700 INR/Piece

CRC Chain Lube that put forward by us is a heavy lubrication oil, ideally suitable for driving as well as transport chains

Product Image (FG0064)

Maharashtra Pune Food Grade CRC Multi Oil 500ml Lubricant

Price: 640 INR/Bottle

Food Processing Safe, light multipurpose oil for general use.

Product Image (07)

Food Grade 400ml CRC Extreme Lubricant

Price: 650 INR/Piece

CRC Extreme Lube that procured from our constant yet trustworthy vendors is a high pressure lubricant

Product Image (14)

FOOD Grade 5ltr CRC Sugar Dissolving Fluid

Price: 2130 INR/Piece

Sugar Dissolving Fluid is what helps in dissolving and removing sugar, derivative, fondant and other allied contents

Product Image (FG0062)

Baripada Food Grade CRC Eco 500ml Leak Finder

Price: 1760 INR/Bottle
  • Delivery Time:12 Months
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Day
  • Application:Industrial
  • Color:multiple color available
  • Type:chemical
  • Smell:yes
  • Use:Lubrication
Product Image (FG0063)

Mumbai CRC Belt Grip Lube - 500ml Lubricant

Price: 1350 INR/Bottle
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Application:Industrial
  • Color:multiple color available
  • Use:Lubrication
  • Type:chemical
  • Smell:yes
Product Image (FG0078)

Chandrapur Food Grade Hi Temp 400ml Food Grease

Price: 5250 INR/Bottle

High temperature synthetic bearing grease for food processing equipment.

Product Image (FG0057)

Odisha Puri Food Grade CRC 400 ml EP Food Grease

Price: 2600 INR/Piece

Food Grade CRC Synthetic bearing grease for food processing equipment.

Product Image (FG0054)

Odisha Bhubaneswar Food Grade CRC 500ml Assembly Paste Anti Seize Lubricant

Price: 970 INR/Piece

Anti-seize compound for lubrication of bushes, sliding surfaces and small open gears.

Product Image (06)

Food Grade CRC Dry Lube - 400ml Lubricant

Price: 1065 INR/Bottle

Non-sticky and dry lubricant has the ability to bear temperature up to +250 oC

Product Image (FG0076)

Maharashtra Thane Food Grade CRC Silicone 400ml Lubricant

Price: 515 INR/Piece

Synthetic lubrication is ideally suitable to be utilized for polymer

Product Image (05)

Ahmednagar Food Grade CRC Pen Oil 400ml Penetrating Oil

Price: 710 INR/Bottle

Best penetrating lubrication agents due to its outstanding thermal resistance, excellent lubrication